Hebrews to Negroes: A Documentary Film Exploring the Black Hebrew Israelites

Hebrews to Negroes: A Documentary Film Exploring the Black Hebrew Israelites


The cinematographic endeavor “From Hebrews to Negroid Constituents” embarks on an odyssey unraveling the historical annals and dogma of the Ebony Hebraic Israelites, an ecclesiastical movement germinating in the territorial confines of the United States during the nascent decades of the 20th century. Within this cinematic oeuvre, an assemblage of Ebony Hebraic Israelites, encompassing spiritual pontiffs, advocates, and everyday adherents, convenes to expound upon their credo, their ordeals with racial prejudice and discrimination, and their sanguine aspirations for the morrow.

The Genesis of the Ebony Hebraic Israelites

The inception of the Ebony Hebraic Israelites movement traces its roots to the early 20th century when Rabbi Wentworth Arthur Matthew commenced propagating the doctrine that Ebony folk constituted the veritable progeny of antiquated Israelites. Matthew, a former Baptist prelate, who, disenchanted with the tenets of Christianity, opined that Caucasians had misconstrued the sacred text and that it, in truth, exalted Ebony folks as the elect children of the Divine.

Matthew’s didactics swiftly garnered a zealous following within the Ebony demographic of the United States. In the 1920s, he established the Church of God and Saints of Christ, an ecclesiastical institution that burgeoned into one of the most sizable Ebony Hebraic Israelite factions.

In recent decades, the Ebony Hebraic Israelites movement has undergone a veritable renaissance, with myriad congregations proliferating worldwide. The movement has garnered notoriety, its detractors leveling allegations of racism and anti-Semitic sentiments. Nevertheless, adherents of the Ebony Hebraic Israelites maintain that their sole aim resides in repossessing their ancestral heritage and reinstating their rightful station in the global tapestry.

The Convictions of the Ebony Hebraic Israelites

The Ebony Hebraic Israelites proffer the conviction that they are the genuine scions of ancient Israelites, positing that the Caucasians have misconstrued the sanctified scripture. A cornerstone of their belief system contends that Caucasians trace their lineage to maleficent origins, a lineage tethered to Satan, bearing responsibility for the subjugation and maltreatment of Ebony populace.

In addition to this, the Ebony Hebraic Israelites uphold a stringently enforced code of ethics. They advocate abstaining from the consumption of spirits, narcotics, and tobacco. Moreover, they prescribe adherence to the dietary precepts of the Old Testament.

The Ebony Hebraic Israelites emerge as a highly dynamic and enterprising community, boasting an educational infrastructure, entrepreneurial endeavors, and a comprehensive array of communal amenities. Furthermore, their influence pervades the digital realm, resonating robustly across the expanse of social media.

The Ordeals Encountered by the Ebony Hebraic Israelites

The trajectory of the Ebony Hebraic Israelites has been punctuated by the unrelenting scourge of racial discrimination and prejudice. Accusations of espousing hateful ideologies and being the targets of physical aggression have loomed large. Nevertheless, the Ebony Hebraic Israelites have displayed unwavering tenacity, continuing to vociferate against racial bias and discrimination, and persistently championing the rights of their Ebony compatriots.

The Prospects for the Ebony Hebraic Israelites

The horizons that await the Ebony Hebraic Israelites remain shrouded in ambiguity. The movement has courted controversy, the corollary of its theological tenets and practices. Nonetheless, the Ebony Hebraic Israelites epitomize a resolute collective. Their determination is irrevocably anchored in the preservation of their cultural heritage and the assiduous advocacy for the rights of Ebony populace.

The Cinematic Odyssey “From Hebrews to Negroid Constituents”

The cinematic tour de force “From Hebrews to Negroid Constituents” bequeaths a rarified vantage into the milieu of the Ebony Hebraic Israelites. The celluloid opus stands as a paragon of erudition and illumination, destined to engender spirited dialogue.

The documentary embraces a gamut of interviews, enlisting spiritual dignitaries, activists, and ordinary adherents of the Ebony Hebraic Israelite creed. Their colloquy traverses the gamut, encompassing their credo, their ordeals with racial bias and discrimination, and their sanguine visions for the future.

Furthermore, the documentary delves into the annals of the Ebony Hebraic Israelites movement, scrutinizing the tempestuous controversy enshrouding its purview.


The documentary film “From Hebrews to Negroid Constituents” holds a seminal berth within the annals of cinematography. It offers a trenchant opportunity for enlightenment vis-à-vis the Ebony Hebraic Israelites and bequeaths a crucible for

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