Tejas Movie Review best movie?

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Tejas Movie Review

4 years from today, in 2019, many big movies are released in Bollywood, which used to create a lot of noise among the public, but do you know that a tortoise won the race by getting out of all these rabbits yes i am talking about URI Movie. In cinema which may overshadow reality, the film with a budget of only Rs 25 crore did a business of Rs 350 crore.

Same marks to Good News Now he is back with a new film on the same subject You might not have heard the name Tejas at all Why is there no height There are many reasons to blame him But the rest of the films have some substance or is it just URI The name has been defamed.

Tejas Movie Review (Introduction)

let me tell you, a sharp minded officer from India is trapped, there are terrorists all around inside Pakistan and a thick sharp knife on his neck.But as soon as the camera is switched on, the eyes tell in Morse code that I have dangerous information. If you save me from the road, then the officer’s life will be sure. When will you come? If you fly from the sky, you will bring back both the son and the honor of the country.

Now what should be done? Remember the famous dialogue of  URI Yeh Naya Hindustan Hai, he enters the house and kills, but if his favorite toy comes out among the crowd of people in the forest, first your hand will be cut, then your throat and then the whole body.

Meaning to enter Pakistan and that too directly in the middle of the group of terrorists. This mission will not be a suicide mission. Those who will do it will not be one but two. No one will do this mission. Before speaking, let me meet you with the super hero Tejas, who is captive on the ground, not in the sky. She flies in a pilot, don’t say anything. She considers herself a soldier of the country. She has never been afraid of death and is angry with life itself. What do you say? A single person is superior to everyone else.

Tejas Movie Review

First think a little, the wolf may still forgive but there is no vaccine for terrorism, a mobile killing machine. Yes, you must have really enjoyed just listening to the story. Thank you, that is my talent, but there is a lot of difference in telling the story and seeing it.

It happens Look, I tell you without any filter, Tejas has everything that you want to find in a proper patriotic film and this is the biggest weakness of Enemy because there will be no surprise even in the entire 2 hours and 1 second, everything is already there. Do you know that this is a hundred percent predictable cinema, as if you are watching it on repeat for the second or third time, there is nothing new in it 0%.

In URI Vicky Kaushal had given such a life time experience to the public that today everyone will be asked to see it again in the theater. Everyone will book the ticket but when you see Tejas for the first time, you will feel like it is a mixer of 5 10 patriotic films, put it in the mixer and give it a whirl.

Tejas Movie Review

They took away everything from URI which the public wants to see but what was left behind was his mind, the director of the film is different, isn’t it, just the original, you had the bonus of the sky in Tejas which runs on the ground, the unique experience of the Air Force which Not found till date in Indian cinema But miss the chance, neither the Air Force was used nor any inspiring story, the dialogues are also old and the feelings are also empty, the only good thing is Kangana Ranaut’s performance, sadly, the audience has got used to it, so every time something new happens. when will you get it. (tejas movie review)


Tenu Weds Manu Wali Kangan’s Come Back Everyone needs you. Patriotism is hundred percent but in cinema it is more important than variety but Tejas will get the audience from my side. Out of 5, 1 for Kangan’s efforts and half is 2. The whole movie is over in an hour Fast screen please, the story is nothing new, secondly, the unique topic of Air Force, the use of sky battle in not in the right way, thirdly, the writing is not very good, you will not take even a single dialogue of the film home with you from the theatre.

Aadha URI Wale Emotions Kha Gaye again on TV. If you go to the theater with the same expectation, you will feel tired. Further, it is your choice if like our article then please leave a comment. (tejas movie review)

tejas movie review



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