In a viral video on Twitter which is going viral a school teacher tells a Hindu Boy to slap a Muslim Boy which is going viral on the internet

The name of the teacher is said to be Tripta Tyagi and its going viral on the internet

One of the Journalist Named  Rohini Singh Tweeted - The hate spread by Noida channels has reached classrooms where a teacher is asking Hindu kids to beat a Muslim boy.

The teacher is seen egging on the Hindu kids to hit harder and is heard making communal statements. The Muslim kid stands all alone weeping at the humiliation. The demonisation of minorities is a special project undertaken by Noida channels and it has emboldened ordinary citizens to spew the same hate as is being taught to them through primetime shows.

woman's name is Tripta Tyagi.  She is a school teacher in Muzaffarnagar, UP.

The Twitter is flooded with hastags and comments on this incident it is sparking the hastags like Hindu Muslims